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Just a few friendly rules …


  • No outside food or drink allowed on the premises; our ants have been trained to eat anything that you bring in!

  • No smoking … Jeffrey is terribly allergic to the smoke (and electronic cigarettes).

  • No pets allowed, except for tigers, lions, and elephants (on a leash only).

  • Children should always be in the company of their parents; unattended children will be given free kittens.

  • Animals might mistakenly “bite the hand that feeds them,” so always feed the animals with an open hand.

  • Our animals insist that you always wash your hands after coming into contact with them and their barns/pens.  It’s for your safety and theirs!

  • Our corn has tender ears (as do the bunnies), so we ask that you refrain from using profanity.

  • If you run in the corn maze, we will cut off your toes and feed them to the Corn Monster.

  • If you throw corn in the corn maze, we will hang you upside down in the apple orchard until next spring.

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