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Lewis Adventure Farm


  • Do you offer birthday party packages?
    No, we offer packages for groups over 50 people. Birthday cakes and donuts make great birthday treats, and are available for purchase in our market. Cabanas may be rented here, but are not intended for large groups, (6-8 people are recommended) but can serve as home base for a birthday party. Presents are welcome, but leave the cake and food at home.
  • Are there any attractions with additional costs?
    Most attractions are included with general admission. Any attractions or activities with additional costs are clearly marked on-site and on our website. The apple cannons, paintball range, U-Pick apples, bird sticks in aviary, and U-Pick flower field have additional charges when available.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, credit, and debit cards throughout the farm. Apple/Google pay are also accepted.
  • How much time should I plan for a visit?
    Families should plan on 3 hours to all day! There are so many animals and attractions to see and experience.
  • Are there changing rooms for the Splash Pad?
    Yes, we have a changing area for Splash Acres called the Changing Stables. The Stables are located adjacent to the Splash Pad. You also have re-entry with your wristband to drop off wet clothes after having fun and cooling off!
  • Is re-entry allowed?
    Yes, guests may leave and re-enter the farm on the same day as long as they are wearing their general admission wristband.
  • Is parking available on-site?
    Yes, we offer free parking for all guests. Please follow the signs and staff directions on arrival. On busy fall days you may need to park in our overflow lot across the street and wait for a shuttle to bring you over. Shuttles run continuously once that lot is open. Parking Page
  • What’s available with general admission?
    General admission will get you through the gates with access to the petting zoo, Splash Acres, and over 50 attractions. Most attractions are included with general admission. The apple cannons, paintball range, U-Pick apples, bird sticks in aviary, and U-Pick flower field have additional charges when available.
  • What happens in case of bad weather?
    Some attractions may close during severe weather for safety. We advise checking the weather forecast before your visit and planning accordingly. In rare cases we may close for safety reasons. Check Social Media for posts and updates for the most reliable info.
  • Does Lewis Farms rent power scooters, wagons, or wheelchairs?
    No, we do not rent any items. We do welcome you to bring your own motorized power chair if needed for mobility. Our concrete paths are highly accessible to wagons, wheelchairs, and power chairs.
  • What should I wear to the farm?
    Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and shoes are recommended. Swimwear is required for the splash pad. If it is wet or rainy, boots are highly recommended.
  • Are there any facilities for guests with disabilities?
    The farm is accessible to guests with disabilities, including accessible parking, shuttles, sidewalks, and restrooms. The parking lot is paved nearest the farm with handicapped parking. Parking can be found near the market and adjacent to the ticket booths. There are also wide, concrete paths throughout the farms for wheelchairs and accessibility.
  • Does anything close early?
    Some attractions and food venues have hours that vary. Scan the QR code on your wristband upon entry for a complete list of that day’s schedule.
  • Can I bring my pet to the farm?
    Only certified service animals are permitted on the farm premises for the safety and comfort of all guests. Please check service animals in with a manager upon check in.
  • Is smoking allowed on the farm?
    Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited inside the gates to ensure a pleasant environment for all guests. If you must smoke you may do so outside the gates in the parking lot, re-entry is allowed with wristband.
  • Can I host a group event at the farm?
    Absolutely! We accommodate corporate events, and group outings. Fill out the Group Event Information Form for a quote or more information.
  • I lost something at the farm, what should I do?
    Check the area where the item is lost again. Then notify the nearest employee. The next step is to go to the fudge counter in the market to report the lost item. If the item has already been turned in, it will be brought there.
  • What are the farm's operating hours?
    Operating hours vary by season. Check our operational calendar for specific dates and the most up-to-date information.
  • Are there any height or age restrictions for the attractions?
    Some attractions have height or age restrictions for safety. Jumping Pillow restrictions allow heights of 48 inches or more on the big pillow and under 48 inches on the junior pillow. The Hillbilly Giant Slide has a height restriction of 36 inches to ride.
  • Does Lewis Farms have a capacity and if reached does it allow people with tickets entrance?
    Anyone with a ticket will be granted admission at the farm. In the extremely rare instance that ticket sales are stopped at the gate, anyone with pre-purchased tickets will be allowed to enter.
  • Are there any special rates for schools or educational groups?
    Yes, we offer special admission rates for educational groups and field trips. Check availability or book your trip here.
  • Do my online tickets expire?
    Tickets have specific seasons and dates, but can be used any day in the season they are purchased for. Spring and Summer tickets are not specific to a day of the week, but they expire as Fall Season begins. Fall tickets are either weekend or weekday specific tickets and all Fall tickets expire October 31st. Tickets do not carry over to the next season or year under any circumstances, they expire.
  • I added my ticket to my wallet and it has a specific date on it, can I use it more than one day?
    The wallet often shows the ticket date as opening day for the season purchased. Please remember tickets are good for the entire season purchased. Make sure you read the details on the ticket you purchased in the confirmation email or online.
  • I don’t plan on doing any activities, I’m just supervising, do I still need to pay admission?
    Yes, all guests need to pay general admission to enter the farm. Free admission applies to guests 2 and under.
  • Do you offer any discounts or promo codes?
    Yes, we offer discounts for groups, military personnel, and for seniors 60 or over. Military and Senior discounts are only available at the farm. Group discounts are for 15 or more people online only. We have flash sales ahead of each season on individual tickets as well. Subscribe to stay updated on current discounts. Lewis Farms does not publish or release promo codes so please watch out for scams from imposter sites.
  • Are there discounts for Military personnel or senior citizens?
    Yes, Military and Senior discounts are available on site at the farm. Proceed to the open admission gate and ask for the Senior or Military discount. 60 and over receive the senior discount. Active and past Military members and their direct family receive the military discount. Please bring your military ID.
  • Where do we check-in when we arrive?
    There are two check-in areas. Typically, the outside ticket booths are used for busy days, special events, and fall weekends. If the ticket booths are closed the market is the check-in location.
  • If I bought an online ticket, do I have to check in?
    Yes, online tickets need to be checked-in. Have your QR ready and proceed to an admission cashier.
  • Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?
    While purchasing tickets in advance is recommended, tickets can also be bought at the gate at the farm.
  • Are there any age restrictions for admission?
    Guests of all ages are welcome! Children 2 and under get free admission. Some attractions have height or age restrictions for safety.
  • Can I get a refund for my ticket if I can't make it?
    No, tickets are non-refundable. Tickets have seasonal use so there are multiple opportunities to use them. Tickets may also be transferred to another person, so they are easy to gift.
  • Do I need to print my ticket, or can I show it on my phone?
    Please have your QR ready as it saves time upon check in. We do accept both printed tickets and digital tickets shown on your smartphone for entry. Downloading the QR code to your wallet or screenshotting it will ensure you can access your tickets even if you don’t have cell service.
  • What should I do if a few members of my group are running late?
    If you have group members that will be late, we still need to get the group moving and stick to the schedule. Give us a list of the late guests and we will leave that list with their group stickers in a set location for their pickup.
  • What should we do if the weather looks bad?
    On rare occasions we will cancel a field trip due to the farm closing or bad weather. It’s important we have good contact for group leaders as we will reach out as early as possible the morning of or earlier to notify the group leader of the cancellation. In most instances the choice to cancel is in the hands of the group. We rarely close the farm.
  • If I need to cancel, what should I do?
    Please email with a cancellation request, providing the details of the trip you are looking to cancel. Rescheduling will be up to the group.
  • Is there any way to tell my group and reserved group area from other groups?
    Yes, we give every group member a color coded sticker. This sticker will also be found on the storage area for pumpkins in the Fall and the reserved eating area.
  • How do we get our lunches to our designated area?
    When you arrive, find a good way to offload your lunches by our outside ticket booths. If your group has individual lunches there may be bins to place these in. Depending on staff availability, we try to help get lunches to your pavilion area. The group events pavilion is located in the rear of the farm so rolling coolers or strong arms help. We do not help get coolers back to buses so plan accordingly.
  • Do bus drivers get free admission?
    Bus drivers do not get free admission but they do get a coupon for a free drink and free item from our bakery case in our market. *For every 25 paying attendees, the group will receive 2 free tickets, these tickets may be used for bus drivers.
  • My field trip is scheduled at 11:00 am can I come early?
    No, field trip groups have access with the group. Groups are expected to arrive from 10 minutes early until the scheduled time. No group members will be given early access.
  • When are pig races available to field trip groups?
    Pig races are held at Pork Chop Downs, centrally located on the farm, 1-2 times daily. This time will be announced to your group upon check-in and greeting.
  • Are there separate dates and times for Home School Groups vs. School Groups?
    Yes, in the Fall, we split Fridays to give fair access to both groups. This is a staffing and organizational matter and the proper days will be upheld. Please book your fall field trips in the appropriate group location.
  • Are there multiple restrooms for our large group?
    We have three main restroom facilities in the park. They are all white buildings with black roofs.
  • I have questions about the field trip who should I contact?
    Field trip questions are easiest to answer via email. The preferred contact for all questions is email as phone calls can be answered by staff that is not equipped with inside field trip info. Please email any questions to
  • Is the Splash Pad included in our field trip?
    The Splash Pad is open to all guests. If planning to use the Splash Pad please plan ahead. We have changing stalls and restrooms where your group can change but these areas only allow for 3-5 people at a time to change.
  • When will Lewis Farms want final group numbers?
    We will reach out 6-10 days before a field trip via email to ask about the final trip details. It is very important you provide the most accurate numbers possible so we can prep for the trip and prepare items such as donuts.
  • Will there be directions or a greeting when we arrive?
    Yes, when the group leader is paying and the group is getting stickers to get through the gate.
  • Are field trips accessible to wheelchairs?
    Yes, but we have limited room on wagons for wheelchairs. Our Apple Express can hold 2-3 maximum so it is very helpful to let us know if you have more than 2 students that are not mobile.
  • What form of payment do you take to pay for field trips?
    Cash, credit card, and checks can be used for payment. Please don’t get a check made out in advance as we cannot refund a check for field trips that is written over the amount. In the case of a check written for a higher amount, we may be able to provide goods such as donuts or animal food to offset the extra amount, but no refund will be given.
  • Where do we put our pumpkins after visiting the pumpkin field in the fall?
    Pumpkins are seasonal and only available to fall field trips. Each group will need to label their pumpkins and will have an area or apple box to store their pumpkins. In addition, the pumpkins can be taken to the designated group area for eating.
  • I have a group of 15 can I still get field trip rates?
    Groups have a minimum of 25 members. A group of 15 does not qualify for booking a group field trip. If you have a group of 22 for example, you do have the option of paying for 25 field trip tickets rather than general admission, which saves your group money.
  • Are there food options available for parents and chaperones?
    We typically have our Grill open during field trips. Typical hours are noon-4 pm but this may vary. Our market is always open with baked goods, beverages, and other snacks.
  • We are running late, what should we do?
    If you are running more than 10 minutes late, please call our market at 231-861-5730 and notify us of your expected arrival. If you are late and pull in to a large group arriving, please stay in the bus until a staff member instructs you on the best course of action. Wagon rides are scheduling in a tight window so being late may make a wagon ride impossible to reschedule.
  • Do chaperones get free admission?
    You get 2 free admissions per 25 paid school admissions. You may use these for anyone in your group including bus drivers, chaperones, parents, or students.
  • If a trip is cancelled, how do I reschedule?
    Rescheduling will be entirely up to the group to reschedule at an available time online which is on a first come basis. There are no designated make up days and Lewis Farms is not obligated to reschedule a canceled field trip. We do strive to help make cancellations work, and will communicate on a case by case basis.
  • Do I have to collect payments for the entire group or can people pay separately?
    Paying as a group is a much more efficient way to start your trip. We prefer groups to pay together, with one payment for the group. This will save time and also saves your group money.
  • Can I use my season pass for free admission to a field trip?
    No, the field trip is a separate ticket with a unique set of items offered. Season passholders need to pay the appropriate field trip fee.
  • Where should our group go when we arrive?
    Upon arrival you will see a sign welcoming tours at our outside gate. Staff will greet you as soon as they can relative to other tours and duties. Your group leader should look to make contact with staff about 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled field trip. Tours do not check in or go through the market so staff there will direct you back to the outside ticket booths.
  • Will we have a reserved place to eat, rest, and have snacks on our field trip?
    Yes, every group will have a designated area that is reserved for their group.
  • As the group leader what should I bring?
    You only need to bring a few things. Have your QR code ready or print the 1 confirmation ticket for your group. It’s also a good idea to bring snack baggies or small cups to split up the animal food as cups are for lemonade or cider. Another good idea is stickers for pumpkins. Rolling lunch bins can be helpful to get lunches to your designated pavilion.
  • If we do bring cake is there a place to eat it as a group?
    Although cake and outside food is not allowed in the park, there is a small picnic area outside the gates if you do bring something to share. Your wristband allows re-entry all day.
  • How far in advance do we need to book our group event?
    Group events should be set up as early as possible to secure your date, space, and catering. Everything is booked on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Where is the group events pavilion located?
    The group events pavilion is located at a prime spot between our flower field, Pork Chop downs.. It is conveniently visible from the group admission gate. Click Here for a link that highlights the group events pavilion.
  • If I rent a cabana, how do I check in to gain access?
    Cabana rentals check in at The Rusty Rooster next to Splash Acres.
  • Are there any options for sweets for our group since outside food is not allowed?
    Apple cinnamon donuts are a great option for groups. They may be purchased in the market in 6 or 12 packs. You may also place a bakery order for donuts ahead of time by calling our market at 231-861-5730 and paying with a credit card.
  • I have a group of 1,000 people, would we all be able to be seated at one time to eat?
    Our max seating at one time is around 400. For large groups over 400 we suggest a window to eat that allows people to come and go with a buffet style setup.
  • My group is less than 50 people can I reserve pavilion space?
    No, the pavilion is reserved for groups 50 or larger. Cabanas accommodate 6-8 people so renting one would give the group a home base but not enough room to accommodate more than 8 people. Buy group tickets online for a group under 50.
  • Does Lewis Farms offer birthday party packages?
    No party packages are offered. We do welcome groups to celebrate with our group rate available online for groups of 15 people or more. For small groups cabana rentals are an option.
  • Are custom options available for additions like tokens, animal food, and desserts?
    Tokens can be added in bulk as well as animal food. Groups frequently add bakery favorites like apple pie squares and apple cinnamon donuts as well. The options are endless!
  • I don’t have a group large enough for a pavilion rental. Is there a place I can hang signs and decorations for a party?
    There is not an option for hanging decorations for a party. No decorations are allowed in the cabanas or any other area on the farm.
  • Is Catering Available?
    Yes! We work with a preferred caterer that offers many options. Drop off service may be available for groups as well as full service catering.
  • If we rent the pavilion who cleans up as we eat?
    From trashes to tables, Lewis Farms has a dedicated staff to take care of all your cleaning needs.
  • Can Lewis Farms check my guests in the day of my group event?
    You have the option of a red tent, table, and chairs for checking in your group at a private group entrance. For larger groups or corporate events you will need to distribute wristbands the day of the event or ahead of time as we don’t have extra staff to check guests in.
  • How do I check out of a cabana?
    Check out is simple, make sure the area is clean and leave at the designated time.
  • How should I get my group tickets purchased online to my group members?
    Tickets can be sent individually by the purchasing party after email has been received. Tickets come as individual PDF’s, so just print or email individual tickets to recipients.
  • Can I bring presents for my group to celebrate a birthday?
    Yes, please do, presents are ok for celebrating at the farm
  • I want to treat my company to tickets to Lewis Farms but want them to be able to come any time, not just a specific date. Is this possible?
    Admission-only options are available. Fill out the Group Events Information Form and let us know what you are thinking.
  • Can my group of 200 get admission only so they can just check in the farm and have fun without renting pavilion space?
    Yes, we can provide a quote for admission only groups 50 or larger in number. Please reach out to for a quote on 50 or more admissions.
  • Can I set my group up for entrance ahead of the event?
    Groups can get wristbands ahead of time and distribute them which allows entrance to the farm at any point of entry, at any time, the day of the event.
  • Are cake and cupcakes allowed with my group for a birthday party?
    No, outside food is not permitted inside the farm
  • What are typical hours of operation for food venues at the farm?
    The Grill is typically open 11 am – 4 pm every day of our season. Other food venues vary by day of week and season. Our market is open every day during hours of operation for baked goods, treats, fresh fruit, and snacks. See our Food & Beverage hours here!
  • What food options are available at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo?
    Click here to learn more about the food and beverage options
  • Do you offer kid-friendly meals?
    Absolutely! Both The Grill and Hilltop Cheese Co. have special kids' meals designed to please our younger visitors, including kid's cheeseburgers, chicken strips, mac & cheese, and more.
  • Is there somewhere to eat for guests with food allergies?
    Guests with food allergies are encouraged to look for allergen warnings in areas such as our bakery. While we cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You are also welcome to bring your own food and use the picnic area near the parking lot.
  • Are there vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free food options available?
    Yes, we sell fresh fruit and salads in our market. While we have limited specialized options, we are continuously working to expand our menu to accommodate more dietary preferences.
  • Can I bring a picnic to the farm?
    Outside food and picnics are not permitted within the gates of the farm. If you have food allergies or want to head back to the car for lunch, re-entry is allowed and there are a few picnic tables in the parking lot area. Tables there are first come, first served.
  • We want to experience all the food, beverage, and treats at the farm. What is the best time to experience all that Lewis Farms has to offer?
    Fall is our busiest season with the most offerings. Fall weekends are the best time to experience the most available food options.
  • How much can I expect to pay for food at the farm?
    Although offerings vary, adult combo meals are in the $15-$17 range and kids meals vary from $9-$11.
  • When should I arrive for my animal encounter?
    Please arrive 15 minutes or earlier for your animal encounter. Once you check in go to the exotic barn and wait for a zookeeper to find you. The animal encounter sticker needs to be in a visible place to help identify guests waiting for an encounter. On busy days such as fall weekends, make sure to arrive plenty early in case the check in process is delayed. Guests that miss their encounter time due to being late will not be given a refund or the option to reschedule.
  • Can I book an animal encounter the day of at the farm or should I book ahead of time online?
    Encounters are booked online on a first come, first served basis. Availability is limited and we do sell out. On the rare occasion that we do have availability the day of your visit, encounters can be booked online up to 10 minutes before the encounter start time. We do not sell encounter tickets at the gate.
  • I bought a ticket for an animal encounter and the weather looks bad, what should I do?
    In the event of a farm closure or inclement weather call 48-72 hours in advance or reach us at to check if rescheduling is necessary or an option. We may reach out ahead of a major weather system to try to reschedule if we anticipate farm closure or dangerous weather.
  • Do I have to purchase a ticket for admission if I only want to do an animal encounter?
    All animal encounters require the encounter ticket AND a general admission ticket or season pass.
  • I’m trying to book a capybara experience and can’t book a single ticket.
    Capybara experiences need 2 or more people to be placed on our encounter schedule. If you are a single trying to book, please email and let us know the date and time you are looking for and if possible, we will try to accommodate you with another group, if the schedule allows.
  • Are there age restrictions for animal encounters?
    Yes, encounters have age restrictions for safety of guests and our exotic animals. Check the ticket information prior to booking. The Zookeeper Experience, and Capybara Experience are ages 6 and up. The Sloth Encounter is ages 8 and up. Anyone 15 and under must have a paying adult with them. Please make the adult ticket purchase to accompany a minor at the same time. Animal encounters have capacities set for the health and safety of animals.
  • Baker
    Responsibilities: Lewis Farms makes delicious baked goods, so we like to hire skilled bakers. This could include making donuts, pie crust, cookies and bars. Since we like to have these items as fresh as possible, we also have bakers that work early morning shifts. Must be 18 years or older, able to lift 50 lbs, wear closed-toed shoes, and help maintain a clean, safe environment. Must know basic food safety information and follow the food safety guidelines. Must be able to stand on your feet for periods of time. [Limited openings]
  • Tractor Driver
    Positions: U-pick, Guest Shuttle Responsibilities: Tractor drivers first priority is guest safety and positive guest interactions. You must be dressed appropriately for the weather and able to get on/off the tractor multiple times an hour. Must be 18 years of age, and experience is required.
  • Dishwasher
    Positions: The Grill, Hill Top Cheese Co., Rusty Rooster, Social Goat Responsibilities: This position assists locations with washing dishes, from trays, spoons, bowls and other tools used in the preparation of food. You will also help maintain the cleanliness of the various pavilions by wiping tables, clearing food and sweeping when needed. Any position within the food team may be asked to assist in washing dishes and assisting in the dining areas. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Level 1 Zookeeper
    Responsibilities: Our Zookeepers spend their day up close and personal with a variety of animals and guests! Tasks include keeping the animal pens cleaned/maintained, walking, feeding and grooming the animals as well as creating an animal encounter experience our guests won’t forget. During the guest encounters you’ll provide small groups of guests with fascinating facts and characteristics of each animal as well as assist in showing them how to safely feed and/or pet the animals. You must have a high level of customer service, must be 18 years of age and have a strong animal experience background. [Limited openings]
  • Parking Lot Team
    Responsibilities: Parking lot staff help to direct traffic and park cars safely and efficiently. Must dress for the weather, we provide a safety vest while parking and radio to communicate with the parking team. You must be comfortable on your feet for extended periods of time and comfortable interacting with guests. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Food & Beverage Team Member
    Positions: The Grill, Hill Top Cheese Co., Treat Truck, Frosty’s Oasis, The Silo, Rusty Rooster, The Pig Pen, Social Goat Responsibilities: Our F+B Staff have a range of responsibilities including prepping/serving food, cleaning, taking orders and running a register. Some tasks are behind the scenes but most require interacting with guests. You must be able to stand on your feet for periods of time, and follow the food safety guidelines. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Animal Experience Attendant
    Positions: Bird Aviary, Prairie Dog Fishing Shack Responsibilities: Do you enjoy working with animals and guests? You’ll have the opportunity to perform cashier duties by selling feed supplies and giving guests instruction on how to properly feed/interact with the animals. You must be able to communicate with guests to inform them of park policies/general park information as well as directions to all park locations. Must be 16 years of age. [Limited openings]
  • Barn Attendant/Train Driver
    Responsibilities: In this combo position will assist at the petting zoo by cleaning animal pens, providing fresh water, keeping side walks clear and interacting with guests. You must be able to observe animals behaviors and be able to communicate with guests, which includes greeting guests and informing guests of park policies/general park information, directing guests to all park locations. This position also includes barrel train duties such as coordinating guests boarding/exiting the train, operating the train and entertaining the guests. Must be 16 years of age. [Limited openings]
  • Alcohol Server
    Positions: Social Goat Responsibilities: As an alcohol server and cashier at Lewis Farms you will greet and serve guests adult drinks at the Bar. This position is guest centered and requires standing for long periods of time. Strong guest service and multitasking skills are a must. Must know basic food safety information and follow the food safety guidelines. You must be able to lift 50 lbs as well as complete and pass Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) training. Must be 17 years of age.
  • Floater
    Responsibilities: This position as typically reserved for staff who have worked for Lewis Farms in various cashier or attraction roles. A floater will give breaks to any cashier or attraction position on the farm, including admissions, retail locations, attractions and food venues. You must be comfortable bouncing around to different food locations, and jumping in at busy times. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Cook
    Positions: The Grill, Hill Top Cheese Co., Rusty Rooster, The Pig Pen, Social Goat Responsibilities: Being a cook involves being prepared for and anticipating feeding hungry guests. Cooks may be assigned to working on the fryers, grills, or flat tops depending on the food venue location. Must be able to stand on your feet for periods of time. Must know basic food safety information and follow the food safety guidelines. Must be 18 years of age.
  • Retail/Guest Services
    Positions: Market, Ticket booth, Flower Field Responsibilities: This is the first impression guests have of Lewis Farms; therefore your first priority is customer service. In this position, you will perform cashier duties while maintaining the appearance of the retail location by arranging/restocking merchandise and keeping displays full. You will also be selling Admission tickets or season passes on iPad registers. Due to the nature of the job, you will be standing much of the time, and you may be working alone or with a team. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Attraction Attendant
    Positions: Jumping Pillows, Pedal Carts, Apple Cannons, Paintball Shooting Gallery, Giant Slide, Carousel, Corn Maze Responsibilities: As an Attractions Attendant your primary job is guest safety and positive guest interaction. You must be dressed appropriately for the weather, and may be working alone or with a team. You will assist guests at the attractions, which may include (but not limited to) helping with adjusting seats of the pedal carts, ensuring each guest has a burlap sack for the slide, or assisting at the Maze. Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Entertainer
    Responsibilities: As an actor/actress, you must love entertaining guests by performing live shows! Maintain character at all times in front of guests. You are part of their magical experience. You may be wearing a costume and comfortable speaking/performing in front of large crowds of guests. You may be working alone or with a team. Must be 16 years of age.
  • Cleaning Crew
    Responsibilities: One of the most important, behind-the-scenes jobs on the farm is our cleaning crew. The responsibilities include cleaning guest restrooms facilities across the farm, picking up trash and other misc. cleaning duties. Must be 16 years of age.
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